Final week plans

Tasks remaining: Landing Page avatars – Helen Finished app demo video – Hannah User testing poster – Lucy & Lulu Business card design – Helen, Lucy, Lulu Publish to app store – Hannah   Revise project details – due Thursday 25th Write individual reports – due Thursday 1st September

25th July meeting

Discuss: Presentation notes Agree on a format for discussion Practice run-through on Tuesday Roles for final 5 weeks Is Helen happy to manage social media from Week 10 (8th August)? User testing plans How many participants can each team member source? Any chance this can be done remotely (i.e. participant carries out tasks at home)? … More 25th July meeting

21st July meeting

Roles for next few days: Lucy and Lulu: – Finalise interaction design – Lucy’s friend has a library of sounds – Landing page design Helen: – Finish logo – Start standardising illustrations Hannah and Lucy: – Make final changes to ethics application and submit Hannah: – Keep working on offline version of app – Use … More 21st July meeting

Meeting 7: 04/07/16

Discuss: Illustration progress Design progress Some technical details, e.g.: How to count pomodoros if the user is doing more than one session – count down from 25 minutes each time and have a separate session counter; or count down from the overall time length with a 5 minute break every 25 mins – how to … More Meeting 7: 04/07/16

Meeting 5: 22/06/16

Design issues arising from paper prototypes: Research to find maximum amount of time that the student should spend on each subject Helen suggested an approach to “tagging” study sessions – choose your subject in the tag page, the potato character appears at the top right, drag this character into the middle of the timer to … More Meeting 5: 22/06/16