app icon design

Today we design the app icon for the android phone, the last one with the shadow under the book is the final version we are going to use for Android phone. The design principle is to present the app mission – study. And also some flayer design on the book makes this icon not boring and … More app icon design

Poster Design

This week we start to design the project poster, and we begin with the inspiration research and sketch design. As we can see, we are going to show four main parts on our poster: infographic: use for showing the user testing data and figures aesthetic showcase: logo,UI display on the poster features of the app … More Poster Design

Style Sheets

In order to implement the final interface design we created style sheets for each section to provide dimensions, colours, and element arrangements.

Profile page

The profile page design had to be updated in order to show in what level the user is. This helps reenforce the gamified aspects of the app. The final design is in the image below.

Tutorial slides

In order to introduce new users to the basic functionality of the app a series of slides will be presented to walk them through how to choose a task, add sessions, and start the timer. The first is the splash page (image below) that includes the logo and the tag line, the other three consist … More Tutorial slides

Logo Moodboard

Logos are important because they transmit the identity of your company or project. With this in mind the following moodboard is a visual reference to some initial research into logo and app icon options.

A/B Testing

In the industry context, companies frequently make use of A/B Testing online experiments to determine whether a software or design change should be implemented. Online controlled experiments became popular in the late 1990s with the development of networked technologies. The basic method for A/B testing entails splitting the users randomly between the variants. For example, … More A/B Testing