Social Potatoes

I haven’t posted anything about our social media yet, which I set up. As a team we elected not to pay much attention to the social media aspect of our project, but still to set up a Facebook profile as a point of contact for users. We have a very good sense of our brand that … More Social Potatoes

Grass Wheeling

I don’t know if anyone uses the term “wheeling” anymore to describe flirting, but it was big back in middle school. It meant something very different last week when I made a grass wheel, to help out with the interface. Around mid-July, Lucy and Lulu found the perfect feature for the homepage – a wheel … More Grass Wheeling

Avatars avec Potato

Following up on my original post about user avatars, I completed the avatars for users who choose not to set their own profile image, with around 20 options. I’m not too sure about them – it’s tough to make a silhouetted potato with hair look good. The team will sort through them and decide if … More Avatars avec Potato

app icon design

Today we design the app icon for the android phone, the last one with the shadow under the book is the final version we are going to use for Android phone. The design principle is to present the app mission – study. And also some flayer design on the book makes this icon not boring and … More app icon design

The avatars James Cameron never anticipated

We decided that users should be able to set generic avatars are their profile pictures for their accounts, similar to Facebook’s male/female options. I drew twenty options. Some are strictly male/female, but many are gender fluid, which I think adheres to our app’s philosophy of individuality. I’ve included one male avatar and the official Facebook male … More The avatars James Cameron never anticipated

25th July meeting

Discuss: Presentation notes Agree on a format for discussion Practice run-through on Tuesday Roles for final 5 weeks Is Helen happy to manage social media from Week 10 (8th August)? User testing plans How many participants can each team member source? Any chance this can be done remotely (i.e. participant carries out tasks at home)? … More 25th July meeting


I’ve made some posters for the presentation and our social media pages, using our colour palette Lulu and Lucy chose, as well as variations of our catchline, “A study app as weird as you are”. Although mostly gelled, our design is still subject to change. Any of the posters we don’t use at the final … More Postertatos