Final week plans

Tasks remaining: Landing Page avatars – Helen Finished app demo video – Hannah User testing poster – Lucy & Lulu Business card design – Helen, Lucy, Lulu Publish to app store – Hannah   Revise project details – due Thursday 25th Write individual reports – due Thursday 1st September

Testing-led changes

We’ve carried out a handful of user testing sessions by now, and some necessary alterations have become clear. This has made refining and improving the app a slightly easier process, as common themes tend to arise from each session. Seeing as how we’re in the final two weeks of the project, I decided to set about fixing … More Testing-led changes

Landing page, user testing and the elusive .apk

Now that the app is pretty much finished (I’m definitely jinxing our progress by saying that…), we have started developing its online presence. Helen has been managing our social media with some great posters and catchphrases, and Lulu has produced a lovely design for our landing page. I coded this up pretty quickly with Bootstrap, … More Landing page, user testing and the elusive .apk

25th July meeting

Discuss: Presentation notes Agree on a format for discussion Practice run-through on Tuesday Roles for final 5 weeks Is Helen happy to manage social media from Week 10 (8th August)? User testing plans How many participants can each team member source? Any chance this can be done remotely (i.e. participant carries out tasks at home)? … More 25th July meeting

App Whac-A-Mole

Deal with one issue, five more will crop up. This is what I have come to realised over the past couple of weeks working on the app. Here I was thinking that most of the main problems had been sorted, when all of a sudden – utterly (well, not entirely) without warning – the app’s most … More App Whac-A-Mole