app icon design

Today we design the app icon for the android phone, the last one with the shadow under the book is the final version we are going to use for Android phone. The design principle is to present the app mission – study. And also some flayer design on the book makes this icon not boring and … More app icon design

Testing-led changes

We’ve carried out a handful of user testing sessions by now, and some necessary alterations have become clear. This has made refining and improving the app a slightly easier process, as common themes tend to arise from each session. Seeing as how we’re in the final two weeks of the project, I decided to set about fixing … More Testing-led changes

The avatars James Cameron never anticipated

We decided that users should be able to set generic avatars are their profile pictures for their accounts, similar to Facebook’s male/female options. I drew twenty options. Some are strictly male/female, but many are gender fluid, which I think adheres to our app’s philosophy of individuality. I’ve included one male avatar and the official Facebook male … More The avatars James Cameron never anticipated

Poster Design

This week we start to design the project poster, and we begin with the inspiration research and sketch design. As we can see, we are going to show four main parts on our poster: infographic: use for showing the user testing data and figures aesthetic showcase: logo,UI display on the poster features of the app … More Poster Design

Style Sheets

In order to implement the final interface design we created style sheets for each section to provide dimensions, colours, and element arrangements.

Landing page design

This week I started to design the landing page for the app. The aim of this landing page is providing a platform for potential users and old users for downloading our app, as well as offering the relative information behind this app. As it can be seen, there are three pages on this website:homepage, development blog page, … More Landing page design