Showcase Preparation Notes

We’re wrapping up our work on the project this week, which involves a fair bit of organisation. Mostly importantly, we’re each working on our individual reports which will need to be submitted on Thursday. As well as this, we are working on the group presentation which we will deliver on Sunday. This is a 20-minute presentation intended to provide an overview of the project and our individual roles therein. Our plan is that I will give a brief introduction to the project first, then we will show our 4-minute demonstration video. After this, I will speak for 6/7 minutes on the project features, the development of the concept, our inspiration and workflow. Then we will each speak for about 2 minutes on our own roles in the project. Tomorrow we will run through our first draft of the presentation with Susan to get her feedback.

Besides this, we need to organise our materials for the showcase. I ordered the 4-foot potato cutout for collection on Thursday. Lucy and Lulu are currently designing the UX testing poster, and we have a finished promotional poster completed. We also need to decide which business card design to use. I am planning to submit the order for these printed materials tomorrow evening, for collection on Thursday or Friday. Helen is currently finishing off our avatars for the About page of the website, after which that will be completed and ready for display at the showcase.

Finally, I am cleaning up the app files at the moment and will generate the .APK tomorrow. The current plan is to upload the .apk file to the website for download, but we are not sure yet if we will publish it to the Google Play store. As the School does not have an App store account, and the cost to create one is around $80, we will not be officially releasing for iOS, but if anyone wants to use the app Lulu can install it on their iPhone for them.


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