Final changes & promo budget

We’ve been adding some last-minute tweaks to the app over the past few days. One final suggestion that arose from the user testing was to display only our first three tutorial slides, as including the other four made it too long. Lucy suggested only displaying the first three when the app first opens, but showing all of the slides if the user accesses the tutorial through the Help button. This was easy enough to change, which I did yesterday.


We also added a launch screen, to make the loading time a more pleasant experience. Lulu designed several options for this, and we chose our favourite one. This now appears for the six seconds (approx.) that it takes for the app to load on first launch, and I think it adds a real element of professionalism and visual variety.


Besides that, we’ve been planning our display for the showcase in the Science Gallery. Fortunately the School has agreed to give us a budget of €92 for materials, so I made up a spreadsheet for what we need to order (below). We already have designs for the A2 poster, and several options for the business cards; Lucy is currently working on the A1 user testing poster, and we’ll need to choose a potato character for the 4ft cutout, convert the file to something more appropriate for large-format printing, and submit that order over the weekend.




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