18th August – Progress Review

  • Lucy sent in our promotional material for the Science Gallery website, along with price quotes for a giant cutout, 2 x A1 posters (one for user testing, the other a general promotional poster) and 100 x business cards
  • All of that together is pretty expensive (€100), so we might not get the cutout (€56), which would be okay
  • Lulu got the status bar on the iOS version fixed, and found that the layout looks very well on an iPhone 6, so she will try to borrow one for the showcase
  • There may be some bugs remaining in the iOS version (related to the timer) which we will need to take a look at next week
  • Some CSS issues were fixed on the new Android phone
  • Emailed the school of computer science to ask if we can take one of the Macs from the Games room over to the exhibition – we can show our demo video and landing page on this
  • We need to ask Mads if the school has Google Play and Apple store developer accounts, through which we can submit the app – otherwise we have to pay


To do – next week *:

  • If Mads approves the business cards – design a few ideas so that if we need to pick just one, we’ll have options – Helen?
  • Grass shelf illustration – Lulu?
  • Contact Mads re: Google Play store account – Hannah
  • Design user testing information poster – Lucy


* Meeting with Susan on Tuesday at 12pm – after this, I’ll write up a list of final things that need to be done before the deadline.


** Each of us will need to write an academic paper (4-6 pages) on our contribution to the overall project (worth 20%), which will be reviewed by examiners – I’m not sure when this is due, but maybe start planning your own reports soon!


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