Social Potatoes

I haven’t posted anything about our social media yet, which I set up. As a team we elected not to pay much attention to the social media aspect of our project, but still to set up a Facebook profile as a point of contact for users. We have a very good sense of our brand that … More Social Potatoes

Launch Image Design

A launch image appears instantly when our app starts up. It is called splash screen as well. The launch image is quickly replaced with the first screen of our app, giving our users the impression that GoTato! is fast and responsive. The aim of designing the launch image is solely intended to enhance the perception … More Launch Image Design

Grass Wheeling

I don’t know if anyone uses the term “wheeling” anymore to describe flirting, but it was big back in middle school. It meant something very different last week when I made a grass wheel, to help out with the interface. Around mid-July, Lucy and Lulu found the perfect feature for the homepage – a wheel … More Grass Wheeling

Final week plans

Tasks remaining: Landing Page avatars – Helen Finished app demo video – Hannah User testing poster – Lucy & Lulu Business card design – Helen, Lucy, Lulu Publish to app store – Hannah   Revise project details – due Thursday 25th Write individual reports – due Thursday 1st September

Grass Wheel Design

For the homepage timer, we considered to designing a grass wheel for the it on the homepage. So, these two days I focused on graphic designing – the grass-wheel design with Helen. Each of us is going to design a grass wheel and then we will select one from the two grass-wheel options. The result will be users … More Grass Wheel Design

Avatars avec Potato

Following up on my original post about user avatars, I completed the avatars for users who choose not to set their own profile image, with around 20 options. I’m not too sure about them – it’s tough to make a silhouetted potato with hair look good. The team will sort through them and decide if … More Avatars avec Potato